The Careers Handbook : The ultimate guide to planning your future ISBN 0241363624 eBook

The Careers Handbook : The ultimate guide to planning your future


A must-have guide to the world of work.

Featuring over 400 careers, with 134 main job entries and hundreds of related careers, this career planning guide will help you find your dream job.

Discover your own personal career coach! This career development book includes:

- Easy-to-navigate content and spread structure that helps readers to find the perfect career for them
- Career counselling and career management advice
- At-a-glance panels that provide information on interests, entry qualifications, lifestyle, location, and the realities of the job
- Skills Guide boxes that help readers to assess the suitability of each of the main jobs featured
- Bright, bold, icon-led design that makes the process of job-hunting less daunting and more fun

The A to Z of careers! From social media and IT careers to jobs in architecture, hospitality, medicine, science, law, and the environment, this careers directory will help you kick-start your new career path! The featured jobs have been selected by an expert consultant and a team of career advisers.

Packed with practical and inspirational advice about our constantly changing job market, this is your ultimate career resource. The revised edition reveals the most exciting jobs in data science and online platforms, whilst also arming you with all the information you need for career success in more "traditional" areas, from accounting to teaching.

Whether you are a teenager seeking career advice or a young adult or adult thinking about a career change or new career, The Careers Handbook is here to help you answer that all-important question - what do you want to be?

Let the job-hunting begin!

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