And the Beat Goes on ISBN 9780956087355 E-book

And the Beat Goes on


And the Beat Goes On is a contemporary comedy, which examines the generational differences among children, parents and grandparents; these generational differences have always existed, but are they becoming more profound and potentially insurmountable as technology and social media become increasingly embedded in our regular routines and in our expectations of others? Under the aegis of a classic Greek chorus - well, maybe more comic than classic - the players experience the frustrations of keeping up with the new as well as with remaining connected with the old. Will the two continue to peacefully and productively coexist, or will they allow technology to drive an irrevocable wedge between them? Teenagers, Oscar and Eva, struggle with the time constraints and parental/societal pressures that the present invariably imposes on the younger generation. Their parents, Grandparent and teacher have their own challenges - keeping up with technological advances, the culture of celebrity and... children on overload. The gang on Mount Olympus finds the developments disturbing and decide to intervene...or not. Playwright, Kenneth Muller, works as an international educator; he has taught English, history and drama around the world. During a teaching stint in Zambia, Kenneth did some volunteer work at the Sun-spring Charity School in Ngombe Township, Lusaka. The founder of the school, Frank Masanta, Jr., was jobless and begging on the streets just a few short years ago, and he could not afford school fees for his children, so he created a solution for them. Frank managed to get permission to use an abandoned building as a school for poor children. In addition to teaching his own children there, Frank welcomed (and continues to welcome) all children in the community who want to learn. At present, there are approximately one hundred students attending Sun-spring Charity School. Kenneth continues to work with Frank Masanta to improve the lives of children in Zambia; all proceeds from the sale of this script are earmarked for the children of Ngombe Township.

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