Valley of Spies ISBN 9780997870831 E-book

Valley of Spies
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"A taut, thoughtful thriller" - Kirkus Reviews, Best Books of 2019

"Tightly written, with a smooth flow that keeps readers glued to the page, this is a compelling story by a writer who knows his craft." - BookLife Prize Critic's Report

An American woman vanishes in New Zealand. But what looks like a sad, unfortunate case of foul play, slowly turns into something darker. The missing tourist is a female psychologist under contract to the CIA to treat employees in the strictest confidence. Was her disappearance a random act of violence, or an act of international espionage? Does someone want to know her patients' dark, dirty secrets? Dennis Cunningham, the gruff but uncanny CIA investigator, is tugged out of early retirement in Western Australia to rubber-stamp a foregone conclusion by the agency. A brilliant but unusual sleuth, Cunningham needs the help of his resourceful Australian cop girlfriend to bail him out of a dangerous deceit.

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