Warlord : Danny Black Thriller 5 ISBN 9781473670044 E-book

Warlord : Danny Black Thriller 5
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The fifth book in the Danny Black series.

On the border of the United States and Mexico, a war is raging that can never be won by conventional means.

The drug cartels are rampant. Their victims number in the tens of thousands. Men, women and children are butchered in the most obscene ways imaginable. Of all the cartels, the most violent is Los Zetas. Originally made up of former Mexican special forces turned bad, they are perhaps the most ruthless and highly trained criminals in the world.

Which is why only the most ruthless and highly trained operatives can ever hope to be a match for them.

Enter the Regiment.

When the CIA reaches out to the British military for help, SAS legend Danny Black and his team are despatched to give the Zetas a taste of their own medicine. Working deniably and under the radar, their mission is to sow death and mayhem among the cartel, and to coax out from hiding their elusive leader, the iconic Z1.

But as Danny is about to find out, the arm of the cartel is long, their sickening strategies underhand and brutal. And in the dog eat dog world of this clandestine, bloodthirsty war, nothing is ever quite as it seems.

It will take all the SAS team's skill to break through to the heart of the cartel. And even that might not be enough...

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