Critical Thinking & Logic Mastery - 3 Books In 1 : How To Make Smarter Decisions, Conquer Logical Fallacies And Sharpen Your Thinking ISBN 9781646963867 E-book

Critical Thinking & Logic Mastery - 3 Books In 1 : How To Make Smarter Decisions, Conquer Logical Fallacies And Sharpen Your Thinking
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What skill can be more important than your college degree? According to 93% of CEOs, THIS skill, which also keeps self-doubt, wrong decisions, and beliefs at bay.

We're talking about a basic skill that isn't so basic - critical thinking.

Everyone thinks they have it, but most people are anxious, unhappy, doubt their decisions, and aren't where they want to be in life.

Why do people smoke, drink to excess, and eat things they know are bad for them?

How come intelligent people wind up believing fake news stories?

Why do employers judge candidates on the first impression they make, even though they know it's wrong and often misleading?

Poor reasoning, inability to tell facts from fiction, and flawed decision-making cause these kinds of fallacies.

A study in 2015, "First results from psychology's largest reproducibility test," examined over 100 psychology studies to see if they could be reproduced.

Researchers found that only a third of the studies could be replicated. The other two-thirds had been skewed by errors or unconscious biases and couldn't be trusted.

One of the reasons most of us fall short in thinking critically is that our educational system doesn't teach critical thinking. They're the reason most people never live up to their potential.

So, if you feel like you don't have the right diploma or the right skill set to succeed at what you do, don't worry.

You might be stunned by how many false biases you're already carrying around. They bleed into your professional and personal life.

That's why we've put together the needed resources to introduce you to what critical thinking is about, to build the habit of thinking critically, and to discern fact from fiction easily.

This book bundle includes: Critical Thinking In A Nutshell: How To Become An Independent Thinker And Make Intelligent DecisionsConquer Logical Fallacies: 28 Nuggets Of Knowledge To Nurture Your Reasoning SkillsThe Habit Of Critical Thinking: Powerful Routines To Change Your Mind And Sharpen Your Thinking

Here's just a fraction of what you'll discover inside: The critical thinking framework developed by two of the most experienced critical thinking scientists of all time and how to make it your own The 8 critical thinking characteristics you already have, but you're not using at their full potential How to identify fake news and misinformation - learn this, and you'll have a MASSIVE leg up on almost everyone around you right now Why you should be skeptical of anyone quoting an authority figure How to make yourself "dumb" because smarter people are HARDER to teach 6 rules to turn your current routines into wholesome habits How to think like a scientist and make your decisions successful experiments Actionable, easy exercises to drill home every point covered. You won't "read and forget" this book

...and much, much more!

This bundle isn't a dry, theoretical textbook. It is a practical, easy to read and implement book dedicated to helping you build stronger arguments, make more confident decisions, and spot logical errors.

Critical thinking will elevate your personal and professional life. You'll be better at assimilating information, noticing trends, and deciding on a plan of action. This one will be the last book you need to buy on thinking logically and building habits.

It's time to stop second-guessing yourself - scroll up and click "Add to Cart" now.

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