Corruption in Publishing : Bradley Snow vs Simon & Schuster ISBN 9781720956839 E-book

Corruption in Publishing : Bradley Snow vs Simon & Schuster
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Volume One in History as seen through my eyes from the 1960's to 2018. I give my account using the Creative Non Fiction genre of how Simon & Schuster permanently Disabled me. I am still listed as an Employee of Simon & Schuster Canada Ltd. In 2016 a Representative of Simon & Schuster Canada Ltd did attack a Disabled Bradley Snow when he was asking contact questions. I have been in contact with Simon & Schuster Canada Ltd every year yet for some inexplicable reason they stopped communications abruptly. I never quit. I always intended on going back to work some day. I was never laid off. I was never fired. I was never paid for my solicited plans that I gave to Jack Campbell. I was never given the bonuses I was promised by Susan Stoddart through Jack Campbell. I kept trying to keep communications open. I wanted the money for my Solicited Plans for the Warehouse of Simon & Schuster Canada Ltd. My plans were implemented. I am legally owed the money; it was in the six figure range along with a promised bonus after two years of Back Pay for the job I was working as Production Coordinator. This was all to be announced to the entire company after 1997. The money nor the announcement never happened. I instantly became totally Disabled when I saw my LIFE PLANS go down the drain because of lies, deceit and broken promises and contracts and theft of my plans that I had been working on my entire Adult Life. I was about to retire and move to another city and start anew as I had my Business Plans that would have been in high demand in 1997. I expected to either land a high paying job or an outright sale of my Business Plans. In short my life long Business Plans I worked on was to be my retirement fund and security. Susan Stoddart, Jack Campbell, Simon & Schuster et al stole my life from me. When you read my case you will see that I am owed a lot more for all the good I did for Susan Stoddart and the different variations and names of her Company. If Susan Stoddart is still alive today I hope she reads my case as there is a small chance that she was unaware of what Jack Campbell was doing using the authority she gave him. I believe if Susan Stoddart is still alive and reads this she will pay me what is owed and more because I believe there is a bit of her late Father in her, the late Jack Stoddart Sr. He was a true powerhouse in Canadian Publishing. I got to know him early on and he got to know me. We had mutual respect for each other. Jack Stoddart Sr., would never have allowed the lies, deceit, theft that led to my Permanent Disability to ever happen. He would have paid me up front. He would have instantly made me Production Coordinator with instant full bonus and pay after studying the Plans I was selling. He was an Honorable man. He was one of the very few people that had a lasting impression on me in a positive manner and one of the few people that earned my respect. Susan, if you are still alive, out of respect for your Father read my case with an open mind especially if you were not aware of the contracts and offers for me to stay and use my plans made to me by Jack Campbell. I was the good guy. My future History books will reveal the Corruption in the entire Publishing World. Also the Dumbing down of North America. How Politics have changed and made North America more vulnerable than they ever have been. Unions ... gotta love 'em. Healthcare, Cancer treatment. How the Canadian Government told me I don't count; I know I am not alone on this horrible evolution. Politics and Sports! Most sports have double standards ... fixed? I try to put the fun in non fiction and exposing criminals and Creeps in the Business World. Fun stuff.

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ISBN 10: 1720956839
ISBN 13: 9781720956839

19 Jun 2018
Bradley Snow