C++ Game Development By Example : Learn to build games and graphics with SFML, OpenGL, and Vulkan using C++ programming ISBN 9781789535303 eBook

C++ Game Development By Example : Learn to build games and graphics with SFML, OpenGL, and Vulkan using C++ programming


Explore modern game programming and rendering techniques to build games using C++ programming language and its popular libraries

Key Features

Learn how you can build basic 2D and complex 3D games with C++
Understand shadows, texturing, lighting, and rendering in 3D game development using OpenGL
Uncover modern graphics programming techniques and GPU compute methods using the Vulkan API

Book DescriptionAlthough numerous languages are currently being used to develop games, C++ remains the standard for fabricating expert libraries and tool chains for game development. This book introduces you to the world of game development with C++.

C++ Game Development By Example starts by touching upon the basic concepts of math, programming, and computer graphics and creating a simple side-scrolling action 2D game. You'll build a solid foundation by studying basic game concepts such as creating game loops, rendering 2D game scenes using SFML, 2D sprite creation and animation, and collision detection. The book will help you advance to creating a 3D physics puzzle game using modern OpenGL and the Bullet physics engine. You'll understand the graphics pipeline, which entails creating 3D objects using vertex and index buffers and rendering them to the scene using vertex and fragment shaders. Finally, you'll create a basic project using the Vulkan library that'll help you get to grips with creating swap chains, image views, render passes, and frame buffers for building high-performance graphics in your games.

By the end of this book, you'll be ready with 3 compelling projects created with SFML, the Vulkan API, and OpenGL, and you'll be able take your game and graphics programming skills to the next level.

What you will learn

Understand shaders and how to write a basic vertex and fragment shader
Build a Visual Studio project and add SFML to it
Discover how to create sprite animations and a game character class
Add sound effects and background music to your game
Grasp how to integrate Vulkan into Visual Studio
Create shaders and convert them to the SPIR-V binary format

Who this book is forIf you're a developer keen to learn game development with C++ or get up to date with game development, this book is for you. Some knowledge of C++ programming is assumed.

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