The Leaves On Grey ISBN 9781843516200 E-book

The Leaves On Grey
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It is the late 1940s, and Sean and Liam, middle-class boys in a small West of Ireland town, share a powerful bond of love and rivalry: each long for the same women. At university together in Dublin, Sean and Liam's burgeoning sexuality leads them to a deeper, almost mystical level of involvement. They befriend Christine, rich, vulnerable and desperate for affection, and Sarah, glamorous, spoiled, intoxicating; her body is a seductive bridge between the pair, which they ultimately cross with painful and profound consequences. The Leaves on Grey is the story of Ireland, 'maker of wounds, tormentor of youth, ultimately breaker of all that was sensitive and enriched by sun, rain, wind'. Sean and Liam, and the men and women who become part of their lives, are both the creators and victims of their birthright. This sensitive, passionate story is Desmond Hogan's second novel, originally published in 1980. It is reissued here with a new afterword by the author

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